Jennifer Aniston on her approach to self-care, exercise and nutrition: ‘I always treat myself to a cheat day’ (Exclusive)


Jennifer Aniston knows the importance of staying healthy in all aspects of her life.

In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE tied to her partnership with Pvolve, the 55-year-old actress opens up about her approach to self-care, exercise and nutrition.

When asked to describe what her daily diet looks like, Aniston says, “My diet is very similar. It’s usually a lot of protein, vegetables, salads, soups, and everything I could possibly want on a weekend. I always give myself a cheat day”.

Highlighting their cheat meal, The morning show star reveals, “Well, it depends. I mean, I dare you to sound repetitive, but Mexican food is one of my favorites. It’s not even a cheat, to be honest.”

“Or a cheeseburger, a pizza, or a pasta all those things,” Aniston continues.

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Jennifer Aniston.
Zoey Grossman for Pvolve


In addition to eating well, Aniston knows that taking care of her mental health is crucial to overall well-being.

One way to practice self-care, the star says, is by limiting her screen time and also monitoring the type of content she watches.

“[It’s important to] turn off the screens. … Put down the phone and go outside. Surround yourself with friends and connect with people,โ€ says Aniston.

“Try to think about … what’s possible, as opposed to the doom and gloom that the world tends to look like these days,” he adds. “We’re just not designed to take in that kind of information all day.”

Jennifer Aniston and her trainer Dani Coleman.
Dani Coleman for Pvolve


According to Aniston, she is “absolutely” a morning person when it comes to exercise.

“I always feel like after a long day, the last thing I want to do is train,” she explains. “I admire those who can actually come home from a day’s work and put on workout clothes and go to the gym at night. I think that’s amazing, but I can’t see myself doing that.”

On the days she struggles to get to the gym, Aniston says she actively works to quiet the negative thoughts in her head.

“I say, ‘Just go. Do five minutes. Just move for at least five minutes,'” says the actress. “Then you find that if you’ve got through the first 10 minutes of anything, you can probably do 10 more and then another 10, and then you just keep going.”

Jennifer Aniston.
Zoey Grossman for Pvolve


Later this year, Aniston will celebrate the first anniversary of her partnership with Pvolve, an exercise program that combines functional movement with resistance-based equipment to sculpt, strengthen and restore the body through face-to-face classes, in direct and on demand.

Fitness company Aniston and the star’s Pvolve trainer, Dani Coleman, have put together a monthly workout schedule that mimics Aniston’s Pvolve workout program. They are also launching “Jen’s Spring Challenge” which will run from May 13th to June 9th and encourage members to take 12 classes within that time frame.

Available to Pvolves members streaming via mobile, web and the Apple TV app, as well as studio members at the company’s 12 North American locations, these classes range from with a new limited-edition gear pack featuring some of Aniston’s favorite workouts, including a P.ball,, P.3 Trainer, Slant Board, Heavy Ankle Band and Gliders, at plus a three-month streaming subscription and a Pvolve bag.

Members who sign up for Aniston’s challenge and complete it within a 30-day period will be automatically entered to win a trip to Los Angeles for a private training session with Coleman.

โ€œHe’s very approachable and doesn’t intimidate people,โ€ Aniston tells PEOPLE of the Pvolve workouts. “It’s a workout I’ve never tried before, and it’s very doable.”

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