Podcaster and love rat Andrew Huberman is selling fake $100 ‘unscientific’ supplements, top scientists warn

Andrew Huberman is one of America's most popular podcasters and health influencers

Experts have accused Andrew Huberman, the popular health influencer and neuroscientist recently embroiled in a sex scandal, of pushing expensive and “unscientific” supplements. DailyMail.com has discovered that Dr. Huberman, who has more than 5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, is paid by 15 wellness brands to promote products that make health-improving promises that experts … Read more

Considering Fat Loss Supplements? A new military study finds that many are not what they seem.

Airman shops for supplements

Most weight-loss supplements sold online at a discount to service members and tested by Defense Department researchers are mislabeled, and some contain substances banned for troop consumption, a new analysis has found. The researchers, who investigated whether service members are at risk of ingesting unsafe products, tested 30 weight-loss supplements available online and in stores … Read more

What is the healthiest type of rice? A dietitian shares her #1 pick and 2 finalists

What is the healthiest type of rice?  A dietitian shares her #1 pick and 2 finalists

Welcome to Get Started TODAY. Sign up for our Start the newsletter TODAY to receive daily inspiration delivered to your inbox and join us on Instagram! Rice is an affordable, convenient and nutritious staple in many family meals. It’s a simple, starchy side that spans many cultural dishes. Plus, rice is an easy ingredient to … Read more

I’m a dietitian, watch out for these 4 sneaky “health halo” foods.

I'm a dietitian, watch out for these 4 sneaky "health halo" foods.

Are you cheated on your healthy food? Courtney Smith, registered dietitian, diabetes specialist and founder of Keys to Nutrition, warns against “health halo” foods that are marketed as healthy but hide harmful ingredients. Smith tells The Post that the deception lies in the packaging and promotion of these foods. “Many terms and descriptions on front … Read more

Yes, there is indeed a link between your low-salt diet and those sleepless nights


Cardiovascular health expert Dr. James DiNicolantonio warns that a low salt intake could have negative effects on sleep and bone strength. He mentions in a reel that people who followed a low-salt diet due to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system had worse sleep. So we know that actually, from a clinical perspective, this … Read more

6 Best Bodybuilding Supplements to Gain Muscle

6 Best Bodybuilding Supplements to Gain Muscle

If you’re into bodybuilding or strength training, you’ll need something extra to gain muscle. Check out the best bodybuilding supplements. What does it take to gain muscle? Ask any nutritionist and they will tell you that they will tell you to consume more calories than you burn, add more protein to your diet and do … Read more